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Museums of Memory

Tangible Interface Installation
October 2020

Museums of Memory is an interactive installation based on tangible interface and screen-based digital experience. Users are invited to explore three virtual museums by touching the objects in front of the screen. Each museum represents a piece of memory from my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The tangible interface consists of 3 black toy houses made of metal and a controller made with 4 crystal stone keys painted with metallic paint, all connected to the Adafruit MPR121 touch sensor and Arduino Nano 33 loT. The visual response on the screen is programmed in Processing 3.0, with assets created in various softwares including Blender, Rhino, Aftereffect, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Users can choose to visit one of the three virtual museums on the screen by touching a toy house, and after entering the museum, users can move a virtual hand up, down, left, and right to interact with the artifacts by touching the crystal stones. The artifacts in the museums are objects that are important and iconic to me in my memory from different times. They illustrate the shifts of focus in my life – from nature and books to art and painting, and finally architecture and work.  The artifacts are displayed as holograms as a form of virtual archive. The choice of the tangible interface is based on the concept of a virtual museum. By connecting the toy houses with virtual museums, physical space is extended into the digital screen, creating a canvas for possibilities and creativities. The crystal stone controller is placed on top of a white box, mimicking the artwork on a pedestal in the museum setup.