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Case Study by Jeffrey Li, Grace Yuan
October 2020

Project Brief

Bestfolios is a website that showcases a curation of designers’ portfolio sites, case studies, resumes, and other design resources. A new feature that Bestfolios is developing is a talent search feature for recruiters. However, several disadvantages are identified in the current UX design on portfolio showcases that might compromise its goal. Our team took a comprehensive approach to analyze and improve the user experience of the Bestfolios website.

Pain Points

•      Current portfolio upload module and the lack of user account feature make designers lose control over their content once submitted. The uploaded content cannot be deleted or updated. Anyone can submit others’ portfolio websites without permission.
•      Showcased portfolio sites are displayed as fixed images that do not reflect up-to-date information. Users have to leave the Bestfolios window to visit the showcased portfolio sites. Recruiters have difficulties looking up talents on the website according to their specific need.
•      As Bestfolios added a new feature “ Talent list” to the website, the goal of helping designers to boost their career is identified. However, the talent list is not integrated into the current searching system.

Project Scope

This redesign project is focused on improving the Portfolio showcase feature as well as the talent search system. While enhancing the experience for both designers and recruiters, the original goals of the Bestfoilos website are preserved as much as possible. 


•      Redesign the portfolio showcase & viewing function to be an immersive experience that stays up-to-date.
•      Upgrade the current search system to match the recruiters’ need in searching for talents  

User Research

User Personas + User Journey Maps

Usability Testing Report

•      Amend the User Profile page layout to highlight the user’s portfolio site preview and display user information with hierarchy.
•      Allow users to go back to the last step during the sign-up process.
•      Improve the entire sign-up flow to be more agile. Design particular sign-up steps based on the user's roles. 
•      The current wording is stern. Embrace friendly and conversational language to create a more user-centered experience.
•      Add visual hints on each step during the setup phase to improve user way-finding.
•      Users may need to add more than one portfolio site to their profile. Allow users to add, remove, and edit their portfolios.
•      In the “User Account > Uploads” page, display users’ resumes in thumbnails instead of pdf links.
•      Reconsider the categories on the “User Account > Preference” page. For example, change “My Role” to “Primary Role” and “Secondary Roles”.

High-fidelity Prototype