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Commercial interior design and architecture projects I participated in when working at Stantec Architecture Inc, San Francisco.

Interior Design  |  Architecture  

Apex Roastery

What if a coffee roastery is more than just a factory, but also an educational museum, a plantation, and a cultural center for the coffee community? Apex Roastery is a reimagined roastery model located at San Francisco pier.

User Research  |  Interior Design  |  Prototype


Located in between the lava fields and glaciers of Iceland, GEIMSTÖ redefines what a spa can do by expanding beyond the traditional spa concept. It invites its guests to engage in a celestial journey, akin to space travel as they enjoy the experience of the spa.

Interior Design  |  Architecture  |  Space Planning  |  3D Modeling  |  Rendering


Mash-up is a technology school contributing to provide access and opportunities to under-represented students. The interior design of this project focuses on promoting the collaboration between students.

Interior Design  |  Space Planning  |  3D Modeling  |  Rendering


Award-winning projects engaging the tactile experience. A symphony of the sense of touch and visual designs.

Textile Design  |  Digital Print  |  Crafting