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Computer generated 3D renderings created in Blender. Made for exploration, aesthetics, and fun.

Digital Rendering  |  3D Modeling  |  CGI


A pastel colored adventure game with a journey of collecting lost memories.​

Digital Game  |  Unity  |  Storytelling  |  3D  |  UI

Museums of Memory

An interactive installation based on tangible interface and screen-based digital experience. Displaying three virtual museums for explorations.

Processing 3.0  |  Arduino  |  Adafruit  |  Coding  |  3D Rendering

Coastal Ocean

Coastal Ocean is a series of five web-based interactive games. The five games all together create an immersive journey for the players to time travel through the history of the collapse of coastal oceans.

JavaScript  |  P5*JS  |  Web Game |  Coding  |  Illustrations


An interactive installation representing the pulse rate of a female’s hand during different times of the day.

Arduino  |  Coding  |  Light Sensor

Hybrid Fabrication

Fabrication with hybrid technologies including 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, digital modeling and traditional hand crafting techniques in wood and metal shops.

3D Printing  |  Laser Cutting  |  CNC  |  Model-Making